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Essay 12. The best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide.

I definitely agree with the idea that the best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide, because touf guide has a knowledge about the place so, it will be beneficial to expand your horizon by learning new things from tour guide and it will be time efficient.

First and foremost, tour guides are experienced people who have a great knowledge about the places that people are traveling. Before becoming a tour guide, they study and learn everything about the places’ history, location and importance of things that the place posses. Besides, they are very good at understanding them, because tour guides do same speeches everyday to travelers and they gain experience. So, if we travel in a group which is led by a tour guide we can learn more and expand our horizon. For example, if one person travel is Hagia Sophia in İstanbul without tour guide, he probably can’t understand the importance of this place and he can’t learn more things about the Hagia sophia. Hovvever, if he travel is with tour guide, he will understand everything about the Hagia Sophia such as its history and its importance to both muslims and christlans.

Secondly, traveling in a group which is led by a tour guide will be time-efficient, because sometimes people may have a difficulty in finding a place which he wants to travel. On the other hand, the tour guideknow the places very well and people won’t lose time for searching a places. Besides, people can’t make decisions where they should travel first or in proper way in order to make the trip more effıcient. In many historical places traveling order is very important, because many historical places that the tourists generally prefer to travel is related to each other and order of the traveling places is important to follow to understand thewhole picture truly. With the experiences of the tour guides people can prevent losing time.

Finally, the tour guides can help travelers with housing or hotel problems. Generally, travelers are not familiar with the places, and they may have difficulty finding places to stay. So, tour guides know vvhich hotels are convenient for them or vvhich hotel is cheaper than others. Therefore, they can give informations about hotels their travelers.

To sum up, travelling in a group led by a tour guide is the best way to travel.People can benefit from the guide’s knowledge.


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