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Essay 14. Nowadays, technology plays an important role in people’s life

Essay 14. Nowadays, technology plays an important role in people’s life. Some people think that technology give negative effects for social life. However, other people could give benefit for them.

Nowadays, technology plays an important role in our lives. Every person is exposed to the effects of the technology, because in these days person do not step without technology. From dawn to dusk children plav computer games, watch TV, and use other technological devices which increase their creativity.

First and foremost, thanks to computer children learn a lot of new skills which can increase their  imaginativity and creativity. By using internet they can more easily access to the information than they can in the past. Before advent of the computer technology, in order to access information children have to read a book or learn from their parents or teachers, however in these days,they can find all kinds of information whenever they want thanks to the internet. As the a saying goes ” knowledge is the main source of creativity”, children can improve their creativity by being sujected to the information through computer or internet.

Secondly, watching televisoin is one of the best parts of the childrens spending time to increase their creativity. They watch some kind of movies and while they are watching they wonder the end of the movie and they creat lots of different ideas about the next step of the movie or the end of it. They are inclined to predict the next fragment of the movie which develop their creativity.

Last but not least, everyday children play computer games and generally they are fiction games. So, by playing games children can improve their creativity. However, in the past children didn’t have this kind of chances, they just played simple games with friends and they didn’t have to think about consequences. Nowadays, while playing computer games children have to think in each step, because one mistake can destroy all of their efforts. Needles to say, computer games increase chilren’s thinking ability and creativity.

To sum up, with the advent of technology children become more creative, because while they are watching televison or playing computer games they have to think about the end. As a result, it increases their creativity, because they creat different ideas in their mind.


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