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Essay 9. Movies are popular all over the world

Movies are popular all over the world. Explain why movies are so popular. Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

It is a clear fact that people like having time for excitement. People make more colorful their lives some times by having trip some times by doing watching a latest movie. There are many type of entertainment but these two are the most popular. I want to talk about why people watch movie and why there are great deals of movie companies that make film every year. Firstly, it is cheaper for people to have good times for relatives. Secondly while you watching movie you can learn other people’s structure of mind. Finally you can see your favorite actors or actress by watching movie in which they have a role.

Watching movie is not as expensive as having a journey. Maybe planning a journey is more enjoyable for some person but they don’t enough time and money. So they prefer watching movie. They should have just some money and a few hours to enjoy by watching movie. That is why it can be selected the best way by people to spend good times for them with their loved or other people who they want to be with.

Secondly you can see other people’s emotions or the ways of life.  Movies are made related to the community’s expectation or the community’s traditional values. When you watch a movie that was made in latest days you can learn a lot of information about modern life and fashion. Also after you watch a movie that issued by a famous director to express an important historical event you can witness priceless beauties. That is why movies offer us so opportunities easily and more cheaply.

Finally all people have favorite actor and actress. Ho or she wants to see these players. You can see them in their movie or theater. It gives you unique pleasures. In my 22 I could see my favorite actor at the film in which he had a role at its premiere night. I was taken photo with him. I was very delighted.

All in all, like watching movie all kinds of entertainments also give you unique happiness. As long as people can select the suitable type of activity for themselves to have good times with their relatives they can have happy times, too.


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