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Idea Generation for this IELTS Essay:

Essay Type: Compare & Contrast + Your opinion.

Main question of this IELTS Essay:

A. Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books.

B. Which one is more important and why?

Compare: Comparing the knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books.

  • Books presents us true facts, history, subject matter expertise, story and knowledge that we need to evolve as a true human. Our life experience also gives us wisdom, knowledge and teaches us lessons to become the better persons we are.
  • Books are the primary source of knowledge and enhance our horizon. Experience gathered in life also provides us guideline and wisdom to broaden our horizon.
  • Both are excellent source of knowledge and unparalleled sources of great wisdom.
  • Without reading we cannot home our brain. Without experiencing things we cannot learn how to deal with difficulties.
  • Without reading books we can’t become wise enough to gather the right experience and lessons in our life.
  • Books give us knowledge and our experience and practice hones it.

Contrast: Contrasting the knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books.

  • Books provide us theoretical knowledge while our experiences give us firsthand knowledge.
  • Theories learned from books are often pointless if you cannot use it in our life.
  • Lessons learned from books are often forgotten but we never forget our first hand experience.
  • Lessons learned from an experience could never be learned from reading.
  • Most important lessons in life can’t be taught, but experienced.
  • Books contain the experience gathered by many generations and their observation. Experience is limited to a person only.
  • Some knowledge could only be learned from books like the atmosphere of Mars but can never be experienced by a person.

In favour of Books:

  • Books are important to raise our concept about important subjects affecting our life, like science, nature, or health.
  • The materials we learn from books can help us to become more competitive in our real life, at our job or study.
  • Books increase our abstract thinking. We will be able to have a better conceptual thoughts if we analysis them before by reading more books.
  • Reading more books, we will have better basics to create better frames in practice. Those only trusting on their sole experience may make more mistakes.
  • Books improve our self-confidence. Reading about experts’ opinions, we will able to rely more on performance in practice.
  • Books can help us to become successful businesspersons than those one just relying on their experience.
  • Humans can save their money as they read more due to using other professionals’ knowledge and experience written in books.

In favour of Practical Experience:

  • Practical lessons help us to have more deeply understanding, while theory learned from books will be forgotten far easier.
  • Having a better experience, we can save our time. We may have to review several times a book to learn about its subjects, while by having enough experience it is not necessary we review them.
  • By having more practice, we will become more flexible to critical conditions.
  • Experience assists us to become more socially active. Instead of studying materials in an isolated condition, for example in a library, we can meet more people by practicing more.

Sample Opinion 1:

I personally agree with those studying more books than those just relying on experience. They will have a better performance in their work and education, more competitive, better confidence, and more rich by saving more time than those just use their experience.

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