Essay 32. Create a better life to the next generations

Each country has its own customs. They are not only good customs, but also there might be bad customs, too.  So, in order to lead a better life we have to adopt other societies’ good customs to us and they have to adopt our good things.In that way we can create a better life to the next generations. Drinking atea is one of the good customs in my countrythat I would like other countries to adopt.

First and foremost, it is healthy to drink a cup of tea after eating meals. Research showed that drinking a tea after a meal, especially green tea, helps people to keep their tension at balance.Doctors also recommend drinking tea after meals. So, in order tos tay healthy it is good to drink a cup of tea after each meal. In my opinion, each country should learn to drink a tea after a meal.

Secondly ,drinking a tea is a key element in socialization in my country. When people come together to discuss things or to do something, hosts generally ofter the tea to their guests.When to people come across in the roads they say each other “lets drink tea.” It is the way of offer someone to drink a tea in my country. While drinking tea they discuss thing and these discussions help them to make good relationships.

Last but not least, other countriesshould adopt this custom, because tea is not an alcoholic beverage. In many countries, when people come together they prefer to drink alcoholic beverages and these things are addictive and people become addicts. So, after drinking a lot,they löse their mind and they don’t think healthily and sometimesthere may be arguments. Hower, drinking a tea doesn’t consist of such things.

Tos um up, drinking a tea is good to our health and it helps us to socialize with other people. So, other countries should adopt this custom.

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