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Essay 31. Mevlana represented tolerance and humanism all over the world

There are lots of athletes, potes, film stars, football players who contribute much more beneficial things to our country. But, especially one, Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, deserves a monument or statue to be built is honer of him. He not only contributed something beneficiall to our society as a philosopher, but also write lots of poems for us. Furthermore, he is known as one of the most important religious man that enlightened us about our religion.

First of all, Mevlana represented tolerance and humanism all over the world. His words “come, come, it doesn’t matter who you are just come …” expresses his attitude against discrimination.In his lifespan he tried to overcome the problems which are related to discrimination. He defened that every person has equal rights. For my country’s people he is a source of inspiration because he rejected any kind of violence during his lifetime and today families benefit his ideas in order to come along with their enviroment or family members.

Secondly, as a poet, he wrote lots of poems about religion, society, moral values and etc. And all of his poems are collected and published is a book which is named “Mesnevi.” Mesnevi contains a lot of invaluable advices which is highly beneficial to us. We can reflect those advices to our life in order to lead an exemplary life to next generation. If you read Mesnevi, the only thing that you will confront is peace, because he definitely disagreed with any kinds of violence or materialism.

Finally, we can’t neglect his contributions about our religion to our society. He showed us how we can be a good Muslim by living in person, not by only saying it. He was the best Muslim of his time. Every person respected him, because he is not man of rules, he is man of love. He taught everything with the love, not by imposing it. He said “love is my religion” and didn’t force people to believe his religion, just explained it and respected other’s ideas.

To sum up, every year in July we commemorate him and I think he deserve a statue because of his contributions to our country. We want to commemorate him in front of his monument.


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