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Essay 30. Parents should concern about their money management.

As far as I am concerned, in order to become financially responsible adults, children should not learn to manage their own money at young age, because at the young age they are generally dependent on their parents, and their parents should concern about their money management.

First and foremost, at young age, children don’t concern about money, because it is not their responsibilities.Tey financially depend on their parents. At their young age, they can’t find a job lo work or to earn money. Without earning oney how they could learn how to manage their own money? All money that thjey have posses is the money that their parents give to them to spend at school or their daily needs.

Secondly, they should not concern about earning money, their first concern should be their lessons and games. At the young age, children have heavy lessons that they have to deal with. Instead of spending time to learn money monagement at e early age of their lives, they can spend that time to study their lessons and to play games which can help to them to make good friendships and to teach them how to cooperate with others. Lessons and these skills are much more important to them than learning how to manage their own money, because these skills are easy to learn while they are child. After becom adult it is hard to shape their characteristics and it will take a lot of time to learn ho learning these skills are better than learning money management at early age.

Last but not least, people can learn money management after beginning to earn their own money. However, as I mentioned above,it is to learn some skills which people didn’t learn while they are child. After they are hired to part-time or full-time job while they are adults, they have to learn how to manage their money, because they no more dependent on their parents financially and they have a regular salary. So, they can learn how to manage their own money in their adult hood. So, they should spend their childhood to learn other skills which is essential to shape in their early stages of lives.

To sum up, children should spend their time to learn other skills other than money management at young age, because after begin to earning money they somehow learn how to manage them. So, they shouldn’t waste time to learn it at early age.

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