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Essay 27. People benefit more from traveling to foreign countries

In my opinion people benefit more from traveling to foreign countries than from traveling in their own country, because by traveling other countries, people can learn new culture, can taste new tastes, and can meet new people who can help them leam new languages.

First and foremost, each country has its own culture, its own tradition. People have an opportunity to learn new cultures only traveling to foreign countries. If people travel in their own country, they don’t discover any things, because they already know their own cultures and it won’t expand their horizon. By learning about others’ cultures, people can adopt their good habits or good things from their culture which can increase quality this is for example, when I went to the Burma which is small country in the Africa I realize that they don’t wash their hands before eating meal or something and I warned some of them. They adopted that idea and it is beneficial to their health.

Secondly, tastes differ from culture to culture. For example, while Indians use pepper very much in their meals, Chinese never use it. Each country also has its own traditional foods. People have an opportunity to taste new kind of things by traveling to foreign countries. In one’s country meals are always same and people can’t taste new special foods or taste by traveling in their own country. For example, if I didn’t travel Turkey, I wouldn’t have had opportunity to eat baklava and Turkish delight in my own country, because these tastes are native to Turkey.

Last but not least, by traveling to foreign countries, people can easily learn foreign language, because they have a chance to meet people whose native language are different from yours. By making good realtionships they may come close friends and they can teach their language to each other. Even if they are in different countries they can send e-mail to each other. As a saying goes “One language, one culture”; people can also learn more about their culture easily by learning their language.

To sum up, it is more advantegous to the people to travel to foreign countries than to travel in their own country.

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