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Essay 26. Advantages of being a member of a group

Advantages of being a member of a group will outweigh being the leader of a group, if we contrast them. Because followers don’t have to produce new ideas and don’t have to check work out and regardless of his\her performance he put on the work he\she gets regular salary.

First of all, members of group don’t have to produce new ideas, because they apply the things which leader order. They follow their leader’s orders. They just have to concentrate on their job. Their responsibility is just obeying the rules. Besides, they don’t have to eliminate their rivals to keep their job or to promote. In contrast, in order to stick out from the others leaders have to produce new ideas. They have to defeat their rivals.So, it’s a lot of easier to be follower.

Secondly, group members don’t have to check their work out if it is done in the regular way or not, they only concern about finishing it. On the other hand, leaders have to control all the work in his field. They have to check work if it is ideal or not. In addition, group members can make mistake but leader have to check them and correct them. If leaders want to an excellent work from their workers, they have to control it regular intervals.If there is any mistake in the work or product, leaders are the first people that will suffer the consequences.

Finally, no matter how much they work, group members are paid the same salary. On the other hand, wages of leaders are related to their individual performances. If they make a mistake they have to pay for it. And it may  affect their mental condition. So, leader’s low performances may affect the workers performance too.

To sum up, being a leader is required some special responsibilities to fulfill such as creating new ideas and checking the workers. So, it is unattractive to be a leader.

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