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Essay 25. Life is very difficult to survive without friends

Life is very difficult to survive without friends.With the help of friends,people may cope with lots of problems,they deal with loneliness and people in need friends are the first people that people can count on to help.People need a reliable friend to make a companionship with them,to support them and encourage them.

First of all, if there is no reliability among the friends their companionship will last at the short time. If people want to make a good friendship with someone then he\she must be reliable person. People’s companionship must be built with the sturdy base, otherwise their friendship will destroy quickly. When I ask my friend to accompany to me, he must come in any circumstance. There is no anything that worthy than reliable friend. When I invite him to the party, he must accompany me without thinking about it.

Secondly, people need friends to support them. Some friends support their friends when they confront any difficult they leave their friends inevitably bad situations.If one’s friend is reliable then he will support his friend in any circumstance even if hisĀ is in bad position. People can determine their best friend when they face with the problem. Unreliable friends will leave one alone when they confront with big problem. Only reliable friends can support people in such situations.

Finally, sometimes people have to make some decisions about their lives. So, they want to discuss their possibilities with their friends and choose the best one for them. Reliable friend encourages his friends whether they have to take risks or not. He really thinks about his friends’ situation from dawn to dusk and findsĀ other good alternatives for his friends. Needless to say, people need a reliable friend to encourage them when they have to make a decision about their future life or problems that they have to solve.

To sum up, the world is worthy with friends but people need a reliable person not only to make good companionship, but also support us and encourage us.


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