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Essay 24. Advertisement exeggerates the quality of products

In every walk of our lives, we confront with advertisements, but whether the product really are or they make products seem much better than they really with the idea that most advertisements make products seem much better than they really are.

First and foremost, almost every advertisement exeggerates the quality of products. For example, imagine the toothpaste advertisments.All of them says that these paste is recommended by dentists in their ads. In addition, all of them say that this product has greatest quality, it is number one toothpaste product. However, lots of them are not recommended by dentists. For instance, I saw that all television channels are advertising Colgate as a dentist-recommend toothpaste, so I used it long time. When I went to the dentist, he warned me to change my toothpaste, because he said that it is unhealthy for my teeth. After a while, I realized that every toothpaste advertisement uses same slogan, even if the product has not good quality.

Secondly, advertisements use trickery photos or videos to make products seem much better. They use their best-quality product as an advertisement, even if all of products don’t have the same quality. For example, Burgerking published a video about their advertisement of products. They prepare special food for advertisement, however the products that they sell is not seem the same. They use photoshop to make the product more attractive. They spend special effort to prepare that product. Besides, in their video they say that it takes a long time to prepare the product that they use in their advertisements. But, in the reality they sell ready-made products. They don’t spend much effort to prepare the foods. All of their products come ready to them and they just heat them.

To sum up,advertisements use photoshop or best-quality machines to make products seem much better than they really are.

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