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Essay 23. People can not imagine their lives without goals

People can not imagine their lives without goals.Everyone needs to determine his/her target and in order to achieve them he/she has to try hard. I definitely agree with the expression that “Never, nerver give up” means keep trying and never stop working to reach our goals. By not giving up we can achieve our targets, we can gain confidence and we can be responsible people.

First of all, in order to be successful we shouldn’t give up otherwise,it is difficult to reach our goals. We have to persist to gain an achievement which is one of the major goals in people’s lives. When we reach an achievement, that moment will be unforgettable time for us. Achievement makes people happy. People feel themselves important people and they become proud of themselves when they achieve their goals. Some achievements may be milestone in one’s life. For example; I have lived in small village and there are not a person who studied at any university, because they earn their livings in farms. Although my neighbors, relatives put on me stress to work in farms, I studied hard by my self and thanks to my endeavor I achieved my goal. Now, I’m the first person who has a bachelor degree in my village and all of my neighboors are proud of me. Briefly, if I had given up, I wouldn’t have achieved my goal at the moment.

Secondly, if we try hard without giving up, we can achieve our goals, which give us great confidence. Nowadays, especially young teenagers don’t have enough confidence and they easily give up. We have to encourage them to gain confidence and it is related with directly their goal achievements. No one can achieve his\her aim at first shot. For example; Thomas Edison conducted thousands of experiments to find a bulb. If he had given up, today we would not have used light in our homes. We can add this list another important inventions. So, achievement has direct relationship with confidence. We should support young generations to achieve their goals and this way they may gain their confidence and all of my neighbors proud of me. Briefly, if I had given up, I wouldn’t have achieved my goal at the moment.

Finally, as I mentioned above, young teenagers don’t have enough confidence, we should be a good role model for them, if we want a bright world in the future. Young’s imitate the older people’s behaviors. Therefore, we should never give up. It is our responsibility to prepare young teenagers to their future lives. If we give up, then they will lose their hope and they will also give up. We have to aware of our responsibility.

To sum up, achievement is possible with our struggle, and by achieving our goals we gain confidence which is investment to new achievements. Also, in order to be a good role model to new generations we have to insist on our goals.

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