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Essay 22. People do the things they like to do or doing things

There have always been controversy whether should people do the things they like to do or doing things they have to do. However, nowadays because of some reasons people spend to much time on personal enjoyment which means they do things they like to do instead of doing things they should do.

First and foremost, doing things they should do is boring for people. In order to make a living or a pursue a career people try to find any kind of job, but after to be hired they don’t know enjoy their work, because that job is not their taste. They work in there because of money the company paid. After a while, their work begin to be boring for them, so they try to find a new things that they can enjoy while they are working. Thus, people do things they like to do rather than doing things they should do.

Secondly, doing things they like to do increases people’s productivity, so people are icnlined to do things they want to do. Last reports shows that people who do things as they want is twice productive than the people who do things they should^ do, because eagerness is the main factor in the productivity for example, when I was a child my father forced me to learn to play a piano, although I was a fond of guitar. I attended a musical shool which teach how to play piano, but after the end of the one year I didn’t learn anything. On the contrary, I learned playing guitar by my own just only watching videos about how to play it. Therefore, people are eager to do things that they want to do.

Finally, people want to leave something beneficial to the community. They don’t do things just to earn a living. People are aware of that if they do the things they want to do, they can produce good things which can be advantagous to the other people or society. So, they spend a lot of time do things thay they like to do.

To sum up, due to reasons that I mentioned above people spend a lot of time to do things they like to do and it is much more good then doing things they should do.

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