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Essay 21. Many people think that the extended family is important

Although many people think that the extended family is important, i think it is less important now than it was in the past.

First and foremost, As our world globalized, in-order to make living and lead a good life, people have to find a good job. Therefore, people generally move to places where they can easily commute to their job from their home. In the past, every family make their living from farms and they don’t need to move other places to find a job as a result, they were inclined to live together with their relatives such as aunts, cousins, uncles and etc. However, today many people work in other regions than which their family lives. So, they don’t have a chance to Iive with them together. Because of this, the extended family loses its importance. *

Secondly, in the past there are lots of available places to build huge houses rather than apartment buildings. However, nowadays almost every house is designed for small families, because as i mentioned above lots of people move other places or cities to find a job and, as a result cities become more and more crowded. Therefore, city designers prefer to build apartment houses which are intended to small families or nuclear families. So, because of small houses people have to live with just their spouses and children which indicates that the extended family gets less important.

Last but not least, nowadays people think that friends are more important than family, because always they spend time with friends. They entertain together and they prefer to go the picnics or spend their leisure time with friends rather than spending time with their old relatives, because old people such as grandparents, aunts or uncles are boring and they don’t have same entertaining tastes. So, they don’t want to live with them which leads to extended family to become less important.

To sum up, because of the reasons I mentioned above, I think the extended family is less important now than it was in the past.

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