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Essay 20. Being subjected to advertisments is inevitable

Nowadays,being subjected to advertisments is inevitable because ads are everywhere. Not only in the newspapers or on the television we confront advertisements, but also we confront  them even in the roads, on the internet. However, the controversy about the advertisments is that it is advantageous or disadvantageous to broadcast television advertising directed towards young children whose ages are range from two to five. In my opinion they should not be allowed due to some reasons.

First and foremost, when they see toys or such things in the advertisments, they desire to possess them even if their parents do not have enough money to afford them. However, the children do not care about their parents’ financial situatuions. They cry to persuade their parents to buy such things and it cause difficulty to their family, because parents don’t want to see their children crying. They try to buy them and in order to buy toy to their children they have to earn more money which means they must do extra work. Researchs show that, there are a lot of families whivh couldn’t find meal to eat. So, how these families could afford to buy joys to their children?

Secondly, every person shapes his/her characteristic when he/she was a child and it is hard to change these characteristics. Lots of advertisments include bad things which can affect children’s mind adversely. First aim of advertisements is selling their products. Advertising companies don’t care about is it good or bad to broadcast this advertisement, on the contrary they only care about their increase in selling rate. So, they can sometimes show burglary, robbery, or sexual things which can draw attention of everyone. As a result, these kind of advertisements may damage childrens mind. In addition, they advertise unhealthy foods and children was affected by them and eat them. It means advertisements not only affect their characteristics, but also not good them physically.

To sum up, I definitely agree with the idea that Television advertising directed young children should not be allowed.

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