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Essay 19. Every person needs to earn his or her own living

Every person needs to earn his or her own living. In order to learn that skill,and gain experience, and earn some money children should be encouraged by their parents to take a part-time job when they are teenager and it is the best way that parents can help their children prepare for adult life.

First and foremost, by taking a part in some kinds of the part-time jobs teenagers can leran some skills such as communication with others or cooperation which is essential in their future  careers. They can learn how to cope with problems when they are working at job byexperiencing it in person. There are various kind of customers which can make a problem. People have to know how to deal with them and how to communicate with the costumers or employers.Teenagers can learn this communication skill by working at part-time job. Besides, they can learn how to cooperate with their co-workers.

Secondly, as the saying goes “experience is the best teacher”, teenagers can gain experience by working at part-time jobs. Nowadays, almost all big companies hire employees which has’an experience, because they don’t want to train the unexperienced workers. Also, experienced workers do the job quickly and best, because they know tips about how to do the job. In order to chase a good career, teenagers should gain experience. They can do it by workirig at part-time jobs.

Last but not least, teenagers can earn their own money by working. They can reduce their dependency to their families economically by doing so. Also, they can learn money management which is vital in their future lives when they become a parents or family leaders. If they earn their own money,they can spend it like they want. They can spend it with their friends in the restaurants without asking a money favor from their parents. ln addition, they can save some money and pay  their own school will also reduce the parents daily or monthly expenses.

To sum up, learning essential skills, gaining experience, and earning own money will be good preparation for adult life to teenagers and parents should encourage their teenager children to do this.

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