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Essay 18. Sports and social activities play an important role in lives

Sports and social activities play an important role in our lives. They are inevitable part of one’s life. I definitely agree with the idea that Universities and colleges should receive equal financial support to these activities. They are important to get rid of our stress, entertainment, and they improve unity among the students.

First and foremost, sports and social activities help us to cope with the pressure of heavy studying programs. Students spend a lot of time to studying their lessons. They do homeworks, they prepare projects, and they do this thing everyday. So, these things put a great amount of pressure on them. By doing sports or by attending to social activities students can get rid of their stress. For example, when I study 5 or 6 hours con sequtive, my brain needs to be rested. Because, it can’t do its function well. Therefore, I need to take a break and I want to get rid of my stress. So, I go to the sport facility and do some sports. After getting rid of my stress I can concentrate on my subject better. I grasp a subject easily.

Secondly, social activities are good entertainment. As if everyone, students also need to entertain with their friends. Education is important, but it doesn’t make a sense without friends. Friends are one part of our lives as education. We forget about our everyday life concerns when we entertain with our friends. Because, friends always make people laugh even if they are in depression. We need entertainments to make a good friendships.

Last but not least, sports improve coopertaion among students which is required in group works. Some sport are played with a team and they learn sharing, discussing, understanding and respecting to each other by playing game. It improves their unity. It improves their cohensive spirit.Unity is very crucial in group works. People have to respect other group members’ ideas. Sports can help them to gain this skill.

To sum up, life is very difficult to survive without any entertainment. In order to get rid of our stress and to learn sharing or cooperation people require to do sports and to attend social activities. It is good idea to spend money to sports and socaial activities.

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