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Essay 17. Students to understand ideas and concepts

In my opinion, it is important for students to understand ideas and concepts than it is for them to learn facts, because ideas are important to learn the facts themselves.

First and foremost, ideas are essential to learn the facts. Without understanding the ideas which form the facts, we can’t see the whole picture and finding out the facts as a whole will remain lack. In order to learn the whole facts we need to know all aspects of them. As a saying goes ” understaning the question correctly is the half of the solution”, we have to understand the ideas lying under the facts. In this way we can interpret the facts deadly.

Secondly, ideas which are forming the facts may be different from the facts. May be there is a misunderstandings or misuse between the concepts and the facts. For example, the invention of dynamit is good example for it. The inventors main purpose is to blow the mountains in order to build railroads. However, nowadays these type of things are used to kill people or these kind of things are known as terror implements. Today, as I mentioned above the fact of dynamit is that it is known as terrorist’s tool to murder the people, but the idea underlying the invention of dynamit is different that fact. So, we should understand the main ideas and concepts of things to students instead of teaching them about the facts.

Finally, if the students grasp the ideas and concepts correctly, then they can find the facts themselves by searching. It will improve their creativity, because it will enforce them to think about consequences of ideas. While they are trying to find the facts by imagining the ideas may be they will find much better things than the facts. For example, workers of telephone producing companies don’t care about the products, I mean, they don’t compare which phone is good. They have ideas about how to produce cellphones and by combining the ideas and their imaginations they produce new products.

To sum up, if we compare the advantages of learning facts and understanding ideas and concepts, the latter will be outweigh.

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