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Essay 16. Students are more influenced by teachers than by friends

There is a strong relationship among students and their teachers. However, whether their teachers or their friends are more influential to them is a controversial topic. I agree with the idea that students are more influenced by their teachers than by their friends, even though they spend more time with their friends.

First and foremost, students are aware the fact that their teachers have more knowledge about one topic than their friends have. So, when they need information about anything or when they need a favor in the school, the first person that they rely on is their teacher. They know that if they ask for some information from their friends, they might give a wrong answer, because students generally tell wrong things instead of saying ‘ I don’t know,” even if they don’t know the correct answer. However, having knowledge about lots of subject, their teacher can help them. So, they generally trust their teachers than their friends. As a result, their teachers has more influence on them.

Secondly, students accept their teachers as a role model rather than their friends. Students generally admire their teachers knowledge and they want to be like them in the future. So, they try to be like them. Students generally do the things which their role model teachers ask to them to do. For example, when l was in primary school, I admired one of my teachers teaching ability. He was my role model, because he taught us with love. He never got angry at us. When we made a mistake, he tolerated our mistakes. So, I have always tried to be like him. Now, l am a math teacher and whenever one of my students make mistakes I remember him and I never get angry at my students.

Last but not least, teachers are respected members of society and they are respected everywhere. So, students see these respect from their environment and they think they also have to respect their teachers. So, whatever the teacher say in class or in extra-curriculum activities, students listen to them and obey them. Therefore, teachers play an important role in shaping one’s characteristics, because they teach everything to them such as how they have to cooperate with others or how they have to obey the rules.

To sum up, teachers play an important role in one’s life and they are more influential than friends.

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